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Welcome back my dear teachers, children and members of staff.

We are happy to have you back with us safe and healthy. And to our new additions , we welcome you into the folds of our Rosary family.

As we are all set to begin our new academic year, it is important for us to think about what education means in today’s day. I say ‘ today’s day’ because what we understood as education is very different to what it is today or for that matter what it will be tomorrow. It is important to remember my dear children that the only constant is change.

And what we need to prepare ourselves is to welcome change and adapt to it so that we can be adept to face the challenges of this ever changing society.

However, what should remain constant in us, is our endeavor to put in our best, to be sincere to ourselves and to follow our dreams with passion and integrity.

Most importantly do not forget that the purpose of education is to expand our horizons so that we can make our society and country a better place to live in. The purpose of education is to reach out and help the less fortunate rise so that we can together make the world a more peaceful and a less stress free place to live in.

I am confident that we at Rosary School are cultivating a society that is proud of its heritage , steeped in the culture and traditions that the UAE stands for and all in all a society that is filled with humility and strives for excellence.


Sr. Stephanie Halaseh

School Principal



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