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Dear Parent and Guardian,

In the pursuit of excellence to facilitate a better school experience for your child, Rosary Private School -Muwaileh is pleased to share with you ‘School Voice’ application that will be used for school communication from now on.

School Voice is a FREE mobile app that allows you to stay posted on students’ activities and school updates. Students can also use the app to receive school notifications and important announcements (e.g. exam schedules, school events, activities, etc.) The application is easy to use, sends instant notifications and is rich with intuitive features that will foster relationships between Rosary Private School -Muwaileh, its students and their parents.

What School Voice will help parents/guardians and students with:

• Receive messages and attachments from Rosary Private School -Muwaileh
• Respond to the received messages easily and instantly.
• Receive frequent reports, important announcements and reminders.
• Arrange messages per student/child.
• Get emergency alerts about urgent matters.

What you need to do now:

Download School Voice app for FREE.
Register using your mobile phone number.
Get in touch with Rosary Private School -Muwaileh !

We encourage you to start getting familiar with the application right away. Let us have better communication for our children’s benefit.






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