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Rosary Private School -Muwalieh



It is due to the infinite kindness of Highness Dr. Sheik Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, member of supreme Council and ruler of Sharjah, that Rosary School in Muwalieh was Started in 1999 as a branch to Halwan based school, with a total of 400 students. Affiliated to Cambridge University, the school follows British Curriculum, preparing girls to IGCSE and AS levels.

As the vision of the school depicts the school aims to build a dynamic youth to ensure vigorous development for UAE’S society. incidentally, the school, caters to around 49 nationalities who consider the school as a second home owing to the warm and harmonious environment




Our Vision
To create leading, inspiring, confident and powerful Citizens.
Our Mission

To provide empowerment to all students with the knowledge, skills ,compassion, values, integrity and caring environment. We stress the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.



Our Goal

Our goal to lay foundation of the school is to:

Embrace outstanding students and consider upbringing of Arabian girls in the UAE, to preserve the Arab identity, in the community of diverse ethnicities and races.

  To create an educated generation that has the foundations of respect and excellence.

To compete with the requirements of the present society and contemporary, to face all the circumstances that would hinder the creation of a generation that believes free to compete in an atmosphere tainted by the kindness, love and respect, among these students, and the rest of the students in other schools.


This is how we grow with the time


In 2000 -2001 we started with 487 students and by the time in 2018 we are educating approximately 2,434 students of 45 nationalities.

What we are ?
Rosary School is running a British Curriculum. It mainly focuses on teaching and learning by imparting the best standard education to the learners.
Unity in diversity can be a best quote for the school as it is having approximately 45 nationalities.
The students from different countries work together in unison and achieve their goals.
The school is having grades from foundation stage till 12.
Rosary School provides safe, secure, enriching and developing environment in which everyone can flourish and blossom.
We have very experienced, highly qualified teachers that possess the ability to understand the requirements of individual students , in addition to enjoy by developing cooperation , self-confidence and style. By the use of kindness and understanding to deal with all age groups of students the staff are ready every time to engross the skills of the learners.

Our Relationship with local communitty


Rosary School has very reputed relationship with the local community that can be seen as the parents feel happy and satisfied with the achievements of their children. The parents are invited to enjoy some occasions that we celebrate in school. The occasions like National day, grandparents day, mothers day and sports day are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in which the parents enjoy the most.


Our resources

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Health and safety


Our school’s priority is to ensure the safety of our students. We consider the students as our assets and treasure.
Our school prioritize the health care. The clinics are well equipped with nursing staff and the doctor to perform regular check ups in the school. We also implement Ministry of health programs for vaccination and periodic checkup of students, talk about healthy food, oral hygiene and personal hygiene.

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Why we are Different?

Because we have built our Means & Reputations since 1885.
Because of low fee structure compared to the other schools.
Because our priority is to build the moral values, ethics, culture with good behavior and attitude in our students.
Because we believe that the Rosary is a first house for the student where they grow.
Because we believe to make our students an exceptional one and improve them by giving them all the opportunities to be the best.
Because we develop the Rosarian spirit.
Because we believe in Sh. Mohamed Bin Rashid’s Vision and Mission and follow his guidance to impart our best education to the students.
Because we all work together as a team under one umbrella called Rosary School and living under one sky called UAE .



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