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I warmly welcome you to Rosary Private School,Muweilah and thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Rosary Family.Founded in 1999,we are rooted as one of the leading British schools in Sharjah,offering a balanced education to children in a holistic environment delivering strong moral values,ethos and cultural traditions.

Our goal is not only to promote literacy,but more importantly,to inspire our students to read and write as part of their daily life.We focus on enhancing students’ ability to think critically and creatively, and to be innovative problem solvers and proficient communicators; to speak and write effectively and clearly across all subjects.

We ‘AIM’ ( Academic,Innovation & Measurement) to go beyond core academics.Therefore,we celebrate each student achievements and abilities in all that we do. Our purpose is to create students who are multifaceted and prepare them to go forth in life and do great things.
We are excited that all of our students participate in effective learning in accordance to the UAE National Agenda and Standards in developing skills and capacities that contribute in making them successful citizens and more effective communicators and collaborators as required in the 21st century.

As Abraham Lincoln puts in ,”Be sure you put your feet in the right place,then stand firm”.We believe in open communication as we invite you to visit the school, to see for yourselves, and to hopefully join the Rosary community as a student ,parent or member of staff.

To live this life,we require faith, love and courage.


Sr.Sawsan Bader(Raphael)




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