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The English week will have special assembly program conducted by teachers from English Department. There will be competitions conducted from 17th to 19th as follows:

There will be stage show in the auditorium on 20th and 21st from 8.30 am to 10 am for all the students from grade 4 to 6 and grade 7 to 12 respectively. Winners in the competition will receive their certificates from the Principal Rev. Sr. Raphael.


• Welcome Speech
• Grade-7: Dance Performance(Tr. Nishana)
• Doctor Faustus-Play (Tr.Anitha Mathew)
• Grade-4: Song (Tr. Bindu Nair)
• Grade-6 : Merchant of Venice-Play (Tr. Manjusha)
• Grade-7 to 9: Song(Tr. Maya)
• Hamlet-Play (Tr. Lenu & Tr. Jacintha)
• Grade-5: Dance Performance (Tr.Masooma & Tr. Lina)
• Teachers Parade & Vote of Thanks.

English Week

Many students participated in the competitions with enthusiasm and vigour. In story writing competition, 40 students participated but three in each category as senior and junior category were awarded ‘1st, 2nd & 3rd ‘ positions.

Similarly, in ‘Speech’ ( grades 7-12) and ‘ Show & Talk’ ( grades 4 to 6), 23 and 38 students participated respectively. 45 students took part in poetry recitation while 54 students took part in story telling competition meant for grades 7 to 12.

22 certificates were prepared for grades 7 upwards while 24 certificates for grade 4 to 6.

The grand finale was in the auditorium for two days namely Wednesday and Thursday from 8.30 to 10am. The students were beautifully prepared for the 3 plays, 2 dances and 2 songs they performed. Ms. Anita Mathew put on the play, ‘ Dr. Faustus’ , Ms. Lenu and Ms. Jacinta put up the play , ‘Hamlet’ and Ms. Manjusha put a part of the play, ‘Merchant of Venice’. All the three plays were extremely well planned and directed. Similarly, the lovely dance performance of grade V children under the supervision of Ms. Masooma and Ms. Lina Salem as well as the catchy songs sung by grade IV boys and girls under the training of Ms. Bindu Nair need to be mentioned at this juncture; a lot of hard work has been put in by all the teachers mentioned above; their dedicated effort paid off to great extent.

Incidentally, some senior students supported immensely by preparing the senior girls to dance and sing; they are: Mzein, Linda Maria, Mariane, Patil, Liza of IX A; Lin and Leen Wael of grade XII.

The stage arrangements, lighting and sound system were handled by Mr. Kiran Paul, Mr. Sharath Gowda and Mr. Nagaraj Veeravalli.
The entire English week activities were meticulously planned, coordinated and conducted by the English Head Teacher Ms. Stella Joseph.

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