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NSTI Science Fair


NSTI Science Fair

The NSTI Science Fair gives unique and rare opportunities to the students of U.A.E. to show case their talent and exhibit their skill in various subject areas such as Physical, Chemical and Mathematical Science, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Biological and Ecological Sciences and Technology. The Ministry of Education conducted the event and this was the second edition of the science fair, held in Dubai Arena, Dubai Festival City from 30 January to 4 February 2019.

Two seniors, Sheikha Abdul Aziz and Ghaya Ahmed (Grade 9) from our school made it to the finals after countless attempts and sleepless nights. They presented,"THE SCUTOID – BRAND NEW GEOMETRIC SHAPE IN MULTICELLULAR ORGANISMS." After merging a frustum and prismatoid, they got a new shape called a scutoid. These shapes are found in the epithelial cells in humans as well as animals. The invention of this new shape helps in growing artificial tissues and organs in the laboratory. It is also helpful in effective organ replacement through which a revolution in the medical field can be anticipated.

Throughout the whole event, the girls stayed in a hotel, near the venue, which helped them socialize with other school students and exchange their ideas for future projects. On 30th of January, the students had set up their projects at a booth. The main competition, however, started on the next day. Various judges on three consecutive days judged the project. Our student’s project was published in a leading Arabic newspaper. Our students were fortunate enough to meet and describe the project to various ministers of the UAE who were accompanied by leaders and prominent personalities from various fields. It was indeed a memorable and time worthy experience for the students as well as the teachers.



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