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Foundation Stage is a place where we foster and nurture the students to develop a passion for life long learning. Teaching and learning is a big challenge to cater the needs of all, to motivate our students to achieve their goals and to be better citizens of tomorrow.

The Foundation Stage is well equipped with a library, computer room, art room, music room and play room.

Sr.Maria Hijazeen

Head of Kindergarten



 May 2020   FS-1

 May 2020 FS-2





Different activities were conducted this Month .
During January & February 2020, activities like: Tree Plantings, Star of the week took place during this month. After completing 100 days of school Kindergarten (FS1 and FS2) celebrated 100 days of school. Children of different classes prepared programs and they presented them in morning assembly.  Some activities were done in the classrooms. Teachers also discussed children's rights in the classes. Star of the week  And to encourage Students to grow plants and learn about importance of plants to be green all over our place

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Fruits day

To highlight the importance of having fruits and how it helps us in keeping us healthy. A fruit day was held in KG Department. Children brought varieties of fruits, sang a song about fruits. They enjoyed their participation with the their teacher and understood the importance of eating fruits.

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21st of November, 2019 is the children's day celebration. Kindergarten learnt about children's right, health, security and prosperity rights.
The whole day was filled with lots of fun as the children spent enjoyable moments with their friends and teachers.
They were so excited and happy.

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Foundation Stage Activities



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Flag day celebrations

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Students are doing letter hands on activities. These activities helped them to learn formation and vocabulary words.

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today students they had green day. They did different activity for green color.,vegetable stamping on house picture they wore green color crown, they colored in their favorite picture. They had fun and they enjoyed.

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Different activities were conducted this week based on the theme. English: Letter H activities were conducted like colouring letter ,formation of letter H with the help of paint and paper ,finding letter h worksheet ,craft activities for the letter like H

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A lot of activities conducted in a class during this week, all the activity were related to the theme and topic covered during the week. Letter N activity in which the kids did letter formation and finding the letter and some craft work on letter N. Number 3 activity where they practice the number formation and parts of the body activity where they arrange the parts of the body and face .Last but not the least 5 senses activity where they explore their senses by doing the activity.

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kindergarten Children made their activities of letters and draw Album >>> 

As Mr.Hazza Al Mansouri the first Emirati Astronaut headed to International Space Station on 24th September 2019,the Kindergarten students celebrated the occasion with joy and pride lauding the achievement of the young Emirati who is indeed a sheer example of hard work, dedication and perseverance.

 We are proud you dear Sir

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We had the pleasure of welcoming young learners to their first day in Foundation Stage 1, on the 3rd of September, 2019 and Foundation Stage 2 on the 5th of September, 2019. The teachers of the Foundation Stage, welcomed students with warm smiles and delicious cookies served to them. To further leave an impression on welcoming the students, life size characters of classic children’s cartoons greeted them and parents with cheers, high-fives, smiling faces and lots of photograph sessions.  Proceeding to their respective classrooms, the students were then introduced to their class teachers.  To make the day not only much more fun but also educational and informative the students were guided in to active participation with various activities.
These included clay modelling, sorting games, building blocks and coloring.

Additionally, the teachers also practiced in short sing along sessions with exciting action songs, this would also bring in the energy and settle in the new students with the rest of the classroom.
After a combination of activities, it was time to take a short break for breakfast, at this point of time, the parents whom were still present assisted the children with their breakfast.

Moreover, it was vital that the new students would acknowledge their surroundings and be aware of the section area; hence each classroom was given a tour by the class teacher of the specific rooms such as the art room and play room and the required facilities such as the washrooms.
Finally, to conclude the first day of the Foundation Stage, the entire program was executed successfully not only within the faculty members but also in welcoming the new students into the new academic year 2019 -2020.





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