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Foundation Stage is a place where we foster and nurture the students to develop a passion for life long learning. Teaching and learning is a big challenge to cater the needs of all, to motivate our students to achieve their goals and to be better citizens of tomorrow.

The Head of the Foundation Stage Sr. Josephine together with our qualified and well-trained staff with their dynamic personality enables the students to learn in a fun way.

The Foundation Stage is well equipped with a library, computer room, art room, music room and play room.


Labour Day

To celebrate International Labour Day, the Foundation Stage awarded the workers for their hard work and contribution to the section with certificates and gifts.  >>> more

Mother's Day   >>> more

Emirati Children's Day  >>> more

Animals day  >>> more

Living -non living  >>> more

Glimpses of pet and farm animals activity for KG1-B
It was indeed an exciting and learning opportunity for our little one.  >>> more

Sport Day  >>> more

The Plants and Flower >>> more

Autumn & Summer Season >>> more

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